Would you consider selling your business?

                                                                                                                                            * Keep it Local *

                                                                                                   NO                                               or                                            YES

Opportunity is all around us - let's grab it, together!

Permission to be Selfish ! 

Interested in a BIG check ?

First off, thank you for taking the few minutes !  You are one of a select few who even knows about this Michigan Rally opportunity and I wanted to invite you to be selfish, for once.

My name is Jeff, I live in West Michigan and I am interested in buying your business.  No, I'm not a broker.

I'm a local business owner & entrepreneur and recently have decided to purchase an existing business, instead of creating and building a new one.  My background in creative marketing and biz ops has me poised to turn almost any business into a powerhouse, so if I buy your business, it's in very good hands.

Now, I realize that perhaps you haven't thought about selling, but that doesn't mean it's not meant to be...perhaps you think it's worth a certain price and perhaps I agree, you never know !

Perhaps you'd like to cashout a portion of your biz :  (example: you own a golf course/pro shop and willing to sell just course or just driving range)  I'm open to any and all opportunities!    I'm especially interested and targeting waste haulers & home service contractors (any industry), but will consider ANY venture that is profitable & turnkey with room to grow.   

But what would you do?  Haha, I understand, your biz is your baby and you probably enjoy it, right?!   No worries, nothing "has to change".  Maybe we acquire your business and you stay on, I have no interest in gutting anything or changing the dynamic, quite the opposite!  I want to BUILD on what you have done and that's why I'm only interested in talking to companies with good reputations, a solid foundation to be built on.


This is a simple invitation to have a conversation and we can go from there.   You can tell me the name of your business or you can stay anonymous to start, I don't care...I understand privacy is paramount.    For now, all I need to know is how much your company makes (revenue is relevant, but how much it cash flows) and figure out a fair asking price.   

So if your revenues are 3 million and you "take home" 500k, just tell me that and let me know what your ask price would be, pretty simple. Perhaps your revenue is 550k and you bring home 125k...whatever it is, I'm willing and able to entertain.   If you want a million for a business that makes 50k a year, I will just say no and we can go merrily on our ways, no hard feelings :)

I'm seeking medium sized business with experience, no startups or small shops please (less than 500k revenue).

I know this may feel unconventional, but I am very serious.  So don't be shy, call me or shoot me a text and we can talk today.  I love meeting fellow business owners and you never know, a good connection can go a long way.  cell:616-293-3547

                                                                                     Rally Time :)


a person who organizes a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks to do so.


       a person who aspires to be an entrepreneur, especially one who never                       realizes this ambition.


one that wins: one that is successful through boththeir ability and hard work


things that may be next for us!

The time is - now.

Most years have just one rainy season but this year it might feel like TWO... You can choose to be twice as glum, or expect bigger, brighter and more beautiful flowers.   Keep your perspective and focus!

And if you can't, won't or are struggling to do so...align with people who can !!

Even if you are scared...

Be honest, the corona situation has forced all Americans to change our daily lives.  Millions of people are losing their jobs, incomes and hope - God designed us to be social creatures and the 'social distancing' is counter-intuitive for most of us!  So stay positive, stay well and think big picture- YES!

...You can still be safe!

Don't freak out.  Your kids/grandkids, co-workers and friends will all be there to annoy you in due time.   Just realize it's all in His plan and try to enjoy yourself...perhaps turn over a new leaf & take advantage of new opportunities :)

After Rain come a Rainbow !

 Everyone wants to be happy, nobody wants the pain

                                                                           But you won't see a rainbow, without the rain

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