THIS   is


                                                                                   Join Me                                                                                                     YES!

Opportunity is all around us - let's grab it, together!

Permission to be Selfish !

First off, thank you for taking the few minutes !  You are one of a select few who even knows about this Michigan Rally opportunity and I wanted to invite you to be selfish for once !

We don't want investors, rather a business partner - like you!   Let's have a conversation and see where it goes!

We are interested in anything really, as long as it is fun and can make money.  We can do a tanning salon, a carwash or any numbers of things.   I just hate to see opportunity pass us by and it's all around us.   I'm a DO'er and have a knack for fixing things that are broken.  The root of all successful things is the people, so my goal is to attract good people:)

                                                                                      Rally Time :)


a person who organizes a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks to do so.


       a person who aspires to be an entrepreneur, especially one who never                       realizes this ambition.


one that wins: one that is successful through boththeir ability and hard work


things that may be next for us!

The time is - now.

April Showers bring May Flowers

Most years have just one rainy season but this year it might feel like TWO... You can choose to be twice as glum, or expect bigger, brighter and more beautiful flowers.   Keep your perspective and focus!

And if you can't, won't or are struggling to do so...align with people who can !!

Even if you are scared...

Be honest, the corona situation has forced all Americans to change our daily lives.  Millions of people are losing their jobs, incomes and hope - God designed us to be social creatures and the 'social distancing' is counter-intuitive for most of us!  So stay positive, stay well and think big picture- YES!

...You can still be safe!

Don't freak out.  Your kids/grandkids, co-workers and friends will all be there to annoy you in due time.   Just realize it's all in His plan and try to enjoy yourself...perhaps turn over a new leaf & take advantage of new opportunities :)

After Rain come a Rainbow !

 Everyone wants to be happy, nobody wants the pain

                                                                           But you won't see a rainbow, without the rain

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